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is it time to see your Life in a new


Senja Foster LMFT

Hello, I'm Senja.  (Before we begin, I should probably help you with the pronunciation of my rhymes with Kenya!).  I'm so glad you're here....because it tells me you're considering how to support yourself, manage your self-care, and explore what changes are possible for you and your relationships.  

It all begins with you: when you invest in yourself, your relationships, and your dreams, you are making both your inner world and the world around you a better place.  Your happiness adds to the collective joy and well-being of us all, and, you're also helping a person in  You deserve to be seen and supported while you create or re-create the life you know in your heart you are meant to live.

Individual therapy


I help people become more accepting and real with themselves in order to make whatever authentic changes they need in their life.   


It is our mind-body connection: our thoughts, feelings, and life experiences that determine how we navigate the world. Collaborating with you to create wholeness and healing, I will help you update how you relate to yourself so that you can show up in your life feeling more real and

Couple's therapy


If you are looking for help with your relationship because you want to feel more fulfilled, connected, and at peace with your partner, you landed in the right place.


Though you may not feel it right now, you can have more of what you truly want and less of what you don’t. Our work together will allow you to experience more love, more joy and more peace with each other.  I welcome all couples (same-sex, heterosexual, or figuring-it-out) who are looking to improve, heal and enjoy their life.




EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a research-based, effective approach to resolving painful memories and psychological wounds related to emotional, physical, and sexual trauma or abuse.


Sessions follow a specific protocol that allows you to gradually and safely process difficult memories.  EMDR helps people enjoy relief from disturbing symptoms of PTSD, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, anxiety, and depressed moods associated with past hurts. 

Discernment Counseling

discernment counseling

Considering Divorce or Separation? Discernment Counseling (also called pre-divorce counseling) helps people decide whether to work on the marriage or take steps to end it.


It's time-limited (1-5 sessions max) and helps you both settle on the right path moving forward by taking one more careful look at your marriage to find a decision you can live with. Divorce has long-term consequences but is sometimes unavoidable. Painful breakups may be stopped when the path to happiness is clear. 


I can help you decide how to either:

  • stay with a clear roadmap to intimacy, happiness, and calm; or,

  • leave with the assurance that you've done everything possible.

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