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I help people become more accepting and real with themselves in order to make whatever authentic changes they need in their life.   

It is our mind-body connection: our thoughts, feelings, and life experiences that determine how we navigate the world. Collaborating with you to create wholeness and healing, I will help you update how you relate to yourself so that you can show up in your life feeling more real and


Our brains are wired for connection with other people.  We have neurons in the brain that respond to another person's experience that are called mirror neurons.  Think about times you've seen someone yawn and you feel compelled to yawn too; or, when you hear a sad story, you feel sad as well.   When you experience strong feelings such as shame or guilt, your ability to be empathetic towards yourself and others is challenged.  These strong feelings are healed when we feel empathy is possible in the context of a relationship that provides an ability to see ourselves in a way we can't when we experience emotional pain. 


Your therapist creates that environment for you when they provide empathy, non-judgement, and attuned understanding of your experiences: this is the missing link in the effort to process thoughts and emotions that "take over" to the point they interfere with how you see yourself and how you interact with others and your world.  Finding the courage to be vulnerable, talking about uncomfortable things, regulating your inner emotions, and learning how to expand your story to include a bigger picture of yourself and your life can be truly transformative and healing, especially when you feel emotionally safe in a therapeutic setting.

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