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Even the most solid of relationships can experience times of trouble: it's how we view and address the conflict that determines whether we grow farther apart, or, find greater intimacy with our partners.


If hurtful patterns aren't stopped, relationships can evolve into roles that become unconsciously played out time and time again.  Beginning a course of therapy may seem intimidating, especially when involving a partner. You might worry your partner won’t be open or cooperative, or the therapist will “take their side,” or, that the sessions will bring up painful issues that lead to arguments that never seem to get resolved. If both partners are committed to be curious and are willing to be vulnerable about what is motivating their own choices, behavior, reactions, and emotional needs--then change can truly happen, whether it's discovering a new way to compromise or a newfound sense of passion and commitment to each other.

Couples therapy is meant to provide a safe place where your relationship is contained by my role as your therapist...I will be aligned with your relationship in a way that supports both you and your partner while offering challenges and new perspectives on what is compromising the harmony between you.  At times, there may be some uncomfortable or distressing conversations, but each session will facilitate your relationship's healing.  I encourage you to keep an open mind.  My goal is to support you and your partner through difficult emotions from a place of empathy and objectivity.  You and your partner can try a session with me and decide together if it feels right to you.

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